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Precision designed and crafted instruments take time. My build list is typically 12-18 months. 

Let's connect, and discuss your bespoke instrument, tailored just for you.

Please read the design matters page, so we can discuss your instrument with more clarity.

Reserve your build slot now.


Walnut, Mahogany, or Indian Rosewood back & sides • Sitka, Redwood, Cedar or Engelmann Spruce top • Hand graduated sound boards • Honduran Mahogany neck • Through-head carbon fiber neck reinforcement • Grain-matched/Hand-split tone bars • Radiused soundboard and back • Compliant back • Round sound hole • Compound radius Ebony fingerboard • 19+ frets on the fretboard • African Ebony bridge • Wood binding • Top head stock veneer • Mother of Pearl or abalone fretboard dots on face • Bone nut & saddle • Gotoh Mini geared tuners • Hardshell case.




T14 Tenor -  $4,000

T14 Long Scale Tenor -  $4,200

T16 Tenor  -  $4,000

T16 Long scale Tenor -  $4,200

FT11 Fabricatore Reproduction Tenor - $4,000

DT16 Long Tenor scale on B16 Baritone body - $4,200 *

B14 Baritone - $4,200

B16 Baritone - $4,200

Neo Hybrid Tenor / Baritone- $4,200

FB11 Fabricatore Reproduction Baritone - $4,200

Lap Slide Wise-N-Uke

(Steel String Baritone Scale) - $4,300

Mandos (Nylon string fingerstyle)

OM14 Octave Mandolin - $4,200

M14 Tenor Mandolele -  $4,000

M16 Tenor Mandolele -  $4,000


G14 Guitar - $5,900

G16 Guitar - $6,200

Neo Classical / OO Guitar - $5,800

Fabricatore Reproduction - $5,600


Previous patrons receive a 10% gratitude discount on their next instrument. Inquire*



All prices are for ukulele and mandolin woods. Inquire for guitar pricing*

ALL Rosewoods can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

African Blackwood Rosewood - inquire* Can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

Laotian Black & White Pale Muun Ebony -  inquire*

Dragon Wood -  inquire*

Brazilian Rosewood - *  Can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

Cocobolo Rosewood - $350+ Can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

Amazon Rosewood - $200+ Can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

Madagascar Rosewood - Inquire* Can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

Santos Rosewood - $200  Can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

Reserve East Indian Rosewood - $200+ Can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

5,500 Year Old English Bog Oak - inquire*

Figured Koa - $350+

Master Grade Koa - inquire

Master Grade Macassar Ebony - $400+

Master Grade Bastogne Walnut - $250+

Figured Oregon Myrtle - $400+

Master Grade Frog's Hair Myrtle - $550

Ziricote - $400+

West African Ebony - $200

Wenge - $100

Guatemalan Plum Figured Mahogany - $450

Figured Cuban Mahogany - $350

Figured Chocolate Heart Mango - $250

Master Grade Curly Port Orford Cedar (Oregon Lawson Cypress) - $250

Master Grade Curly/Quilted/Birdseye Maple - $250 - $400

Figured Shedua - $150

Granadillo - $150

Pau Ferro - $150

Lacewood - $100

Leopardwood - $150

Black Limba - included 

Please inquire for options*

Many other Master Grade tonewoods for backs & sides are available. Many of these woods can match the tonal characteristics of  Rosewoods: Laotian Black & White Moon Ebony, Guatemalan Rosewoods, Panama Rosewood, Snakewood, “The Tree” Honduran Mahogany, Quilted Guatemalan Mahogany, Oregon Lawson Cypress/Port Orford Cedar, Cuban Mahogany, Macassar Striped Ebony, Tasmanian Blackwood, Movingue, Honduran Mahogany, PaloEscrito, Ovangkol/Shedua/Amazonique, Sapelle Ribbon Striped Mahogany, Mediterranean Cypress, Wenge, Santos Rosewood, Beeswing Pear, Narra/Amboyna, Waterfall Bubinga, and Goncalo Alvez.   

Inquire for pricing and availability*

Wood Page Link*



Master Grade Lutz Spruce (Hybrid Spruce)- Inquire* 

European Carpathian Spruce - $100

German Spruce - $100

German Moon Spruce- Inquire*

Bear Claw Spruce - $100  

Adirondack Spruce - $100

Lucky 12 OG Sinker Bearclaw Spruce - $250

OG Sinker Redwood - $200

Zinger OG Redwood - $150

Redwood - $100

Master Grade Koa - $200

Port Orford Cedar (Oregon Lawson Cypress) - $100

McKenzie River OG Rainbow Cedar - $150

Wood Page Link*


Curly Mahogany - $300

Quilted Mahogany - $400

Torrefied Maple - $400

Indian Rosewood - Inquire*

Curly Big Leaf Maple - $400

Figured Oregon Bastogne Walnut - $500

Oregon Bastogne Walnut - $350

Curly Koa - $400+

Figured Port Orford Cedar (Oregon Lawson Cypress) - $300

Spanish Cedar - $150

Wenge - $150

Black Limba - $150

Custom neck woods - Inquire*

Custom nut width + $200

Laminated neck - $150

Custom neck shaping - N/C

Please inquire for options*


Slotted headstock (for baritone ukuleles & guitars) - $200 - 400 - inquire*

Open headstock - $200 - 400  - inquire*

Birds Beak Headstock Joint - $300

Bound headstock - $100-300 Inquire*

Exotic head plate veneers - Inquire*

Rear head plate Ebony veneer - $100

Tuner washer recess - Inquire*



Tuned side sound port - $250 each

Florentine Cutaway - $450

Oval sound hole w/ rosette - $250 > inquire

Offset soundhole - $200

“F” holes - $250

Laminated Sides - $300

Manzer styled Wedge body - $500

Please inquire for options*



Elevated cantilevered fret board and neck - $300

Custom radius fret board - $100-150

Under fretboard veneer - $100

Brazilian Rosewood - $400 - Inquire*   Brazilian Rosewood can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

African Blackwood  - $250   Can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

5,500 Year Old English Bog Oak - Inquire*

Snakewood fret board - $500 

Ziricote fretboard $150 

Pernambuco fretboard - $200 / bridge - $100   Pernambuco can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

Floating bridge and tailpiece - $400+

Five String - $100

Six string – $200


Brazilian Rosewood - $200 Can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

Madagascar rosewood - $175 Can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

African Blackwood - $175 Can only be shipped within the US per CITES Act.**

Macassar Ebony - $150

Snakewood - $200

Ziricote - $150

Floating bridge and tailpiece - $400+

Ebony bridge pins - $50

Please inquire for options*


Please inquire for options*


Exotic wood binding - Inquire*

Bound fretboard - $200-400

Bound headstock - $100-300 Inquire*

Radiused inlayed wood fret markers - $300

Abalone soundboard purfling - $300

Exotic purfling - Inquire*

Custom Inlay - Inquire*

Please inquire for options*


Gotoh 510 Baby (gold w/ black) - $80

Gotoh 510 Mini - $80 

Gotoh Open Geared tuners - $55-65

Gotoh UPT Planetary tuners - $70-80 

Gotoh Stealth tuneers - $90

Gotoh 510 - Inquire*

Gotoh SGS 510 Luxury - Inquire*

Schertler 3+3 tuners (black/black/gold) - $90

Rogers Tuners - inquire*

Schaller Grand Tune - inquire*

PegHead geared tuners - $100.00

Rubner slotted head tuners - inquire*

Waverly tuners - $150-350 - inquire*


Hoffee Case Please inquire for options*

Ameritage Case - Gold model - $400   Silver model - $300



MISI / LR Baggs under saddle pickup - $250

K&K Twinspot pickup - $200

Acoustic end pin or strap button - $30

Please inquire for options*


Cello, mandolin family, etc. 

Please inquire for options*


French Polish - $400

Varnish - $300


Please inquire for options*



Ordering an instrument requires first an $800 non-refundable deposit is required to place your order in my building que.    

This deposit is applied towards consultation, materials, and total build amount.  When I am ready to start work, we will engage in a series of discussions to decide on all of the details and specifications of your instrument.

Deposits and payments are not transferable between orders.   Please contact me for current wait time. 

We will discuss all of your instruments particulars before any design decisions are completed and a final price is determined.

When your instruments specifications are agreed upon, I will send you a quote detailing what we have discussed.

Upon approval of the quote, an invoice will be sent to you for your approval.


All payments are in US currency. Paypal payments will be charged an additional 3% transaction fee.


Once I am ready to start the build, 50% of the remaining balance is due prior to beginning construction of the instrument, and the balance is due upon completion and prior to shipment of your instrument.



All transportation fees, shipping fees, duties, and insurance fees are responsibility of the client, and are paid for by the client prior to shipment of the completed instrument.



Please contact me for current wait time. This schedule fluctuates with the number of orders in the building schedule.

Highly customized instruments are subject to longer build times. If a delay is anticipated, I will notify you promptly.



My instruments have a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner as long as I am in business as a luthier. 

This warranty does not cover damages due to extremes of temperature or humidity, alterations or modifications, neglect, accidents or improper handling or misuse, natural disaster, or normal wear and tear.

Repairs or alterations performed by anyone but me risk cancellation of the warranty.

The cost of roundtrip shipping for warranty work is the responsibility of the owner.


We can design you a personalized instrument in association to fulfill your desires, and I would be very happy to speak with you about your next instrument.  Every instrument I make is one of a kind.

"Handmade for Hand Played"


Phone  503.453.7441


If you would like to be notified about availability of instruments please contact me.



T14 5-string tenor. Tuned to cello. Old Growth Bastogne Walnut w/ Carpathian Spruce.
T14 tenor. Old Growth Bastogne Walnut w/ Carpathian Spruce.
Cantilevered fretboard, on B14 baritone.
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