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Model Details
​My instruments are designed and built where longer sustain, volume, and full rounded tonal response are desired.  

A more melodic and controlled style of playing, lending themselves well to finger style, jazz, and strumming styles.

Four distinct body shapes were designed to maximize the efficiency of each models soundboard surface area, internal air volume, matched with "tuned" sound hole/s and side port/s for optimized tone, volume and wonderful playability.

The shape and size of each instrument itself also informs the tonal range palette of that instrument model.

It is best to have a discussion together about the tonal range focus you are desiring.

Please contact me, so we can discuss this.

Each models neck joins the body at a different fret location, for the purpose of playability for the players needs, and maintaining the ideal bridge location on each instrument for ideal tonal output and volume.

The bridge on each model is located in the "sweet spot" of the lower bout for each model, for maximum tonal generation.

The model examples below intentionally do not show the sound hole shapes, or locations, as that will also affect the tonal perception of each instrument. This would best be discussed together for your tonal preferences.

These models typically utilize my proprietary tone bar systems and has extended bass response, a larger tonal palette frequency range, and superb sustain.

Each body shape is available, and sized proportionally, starting from a tenor ukulele model, mandolin models, and progressively up through guitar models.  Guitar models are available as nylon or steel string versions.

Discussions about unique one of a kind bespoke instrument projects are always welcome.

All models are available with the upgrade options sound holes/side ports configurations, cantilevered fretboards, long-scale models, wide selection of tone woods, pickups, and treatments.

As a luthier of bespoke instruments, my goal is to create one-of-a-kind instruments focused tonally for my patrons individual tastes, tonal preferences, and playing considerations. I look forward to speaking with you about which model would best suit your auditory perception and style of playing.

16th fret models

The 16 is the more full bodied modern instrument, with a neck-to-body join at the 16th fret. Ideal for that player that rules the whole neck, looking for that fuller tone range, without the need of a cutaway.

Longer neck length to play before the body joint at the 16th fret, without a cutaway. 20+ frets on the fretboard.

Neo 15/16 Models

The Neo model is a contemporary shape with a higher waist, with the neck joining the body at either the 15th or 16th fret.

​14 fret models

The 14 is a contemporary body shape, with a neck-to-body join at the 14th fret.


FB11 Models

My FB series of instruments were inspired by the shape of the original six string guitar by Gio Battista Fabricatore, of Naples Italy. My intention is not to create reproductions of the instrument, but to combine a tribute to the historic shape of the Fabricatore instruments with my contemporary approach to what happens inside and outside the box.

The neck typically joins the body at the 11th fret. 

All Bodies SM.jpg

Let's talk. You've got questions and we have have things to talk about.

Which model to chose, design appointments, and materials will help shape the tone to match your desired tonal preferences

and playing style.

 contact me. 

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