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What is the best instrument?

It is the one that you respond to immediately for its tonal capability, responsiveness, ease of playability, appearance, and it stimulates your sensibilities.

If you think what goes on inside an instrument is every bit as important as what it looks like on the outside, we should talk.


Art for Artists. I take pride in my ability to work on an individual basis with you to create a unique handcrafted instrument especially for you, that will last for generations.

Long-scale Hybrid Tenor. Dreamy Oregon Bastogne Walnut paired with sonorous Carpathian Spruce.

Reserve your build slot today, for your one of a kind bespoke instrument.

This wonderful performance is by Mark Turnbull, a dear friend and patron of mine, that request a bespoke instrument for performing Bach Cello Concertos. The instrument is sized like a T14 tenor, but with five strings and tuned to cello, with a custom string set for cello tuning at a short scale length. The collaborative design process evolved into a Oregon Bastogne Walnut back/side, Carpathian soundboard, Bastogne Walnut cantilevered neck, and my hybrid Kasha tonebar system.

If you would like more information please contact me.

Baritone ukulele by Mark Roberts
Baritone ukulele by Mark Roberts

B16 Baritone.

Laotian Black & White Pale Muun Ebony back and sides, with European Carpathian Spruce soundboard.

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